Integrated Check Posts

Integrated Check Post (ICP) On Land Border




Department of Border Management


(Ministry of Home Affairs)



ICPs being set up in NER

  1. Phase-I:  Akhaura (Tripura), Moreh (Manipur), Dawki (Meghalaya)
  2. Phase-II: Sutarkhandi (Assam), Kawarpuchiah (Mizoram)

Rationale for ICPs


1. Securing the country’s borders against interests hostile to the country and putting in place systems that are able to interdict such elements while facilitating legitimate trade and commerce, are among the principal objectives of Border Management. In this context, and as part of an overall strategy for improved Border Management, it is necessary to undertake integrated development of infrastructure at the entry points on our land borders.


2. Existing infrastructure available with Customs, Immigration and other regulatory agencies at these points on our land borders is generally inadequate. Support facilities like warehouses, parking lots, banks, hotels etc are also either inadequate or absent. All regulatory and support functions are generally inadequate and generally not available in one complex. Even when located in close proximity, there is no single agency responsible for co-ordinated functioning of various Government authorities/service providers.


3. The need to redress this situation is recognized by all agencies concerned. One of the measures that were agreed upon is to set-up Integrated Check Posts (ICPs) at major entry points on our land borders. These Integrated Check Posts (ICPs) would house all regulatory agencies like Immigration, Customs, border security, etc together with support facilities like parking, warehousing, banking, hotels etc. in a single complex equipped with all modern facilities.


Schemes of ICPs


4. Accordingly, the approval of the Government on Security was obtained to set-up ICPs at 13 locations on Indo-Pakistan, Indo-Nepal, Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Myanmar borders as a plan scheme under the 11th Five year plan. Approval was also obtained to develop ICP facilities at four locations on the Nepalese side of the border to enable optimum utilization of the ICPs on the Indian side. A list of the 13 ICPs along with their estimated project cost proposed to be set-up is as under:-


(Rs. in crores)


Phase – I
Sl. No. Location State Border Estimated Cost
1. Petrapole West Bengal India-B’desh 172
2. Moreh Manipur India-Myanmar 136
3. Raxaul Bihar India-Nepal 120
4. Attari (Wagah) Punjab India-Pakistan 150
5. Dawki Meghalaya India-B’desh 50*
6. Akhaura Tripura India-B’desh 60*
7. Jogbani Bihar India-Nepal 34*


(Rs. in crores)


Phase - II
Sl. No. Location State Border Estimated Cost
8. Hili West Bengal India-B’desh 78*
9. Chandrabangha West Bengal India-B’desh 64*
10. Sutarkhandi Assam India-B’desh 16*
11. Kawarpuchiah Mizoram India-B’desh 27*
12. Sunauli Uttar Pradesh India-Nepal 34*
13. Rupaidiha Uttar Pradesh India-Nepal 29*


*The project costs of 4 ICPs viz, Petrapole, Moreh, Raxaul and Attari has been finalized by the Government. The project cost of the remaining 09 ICPs is yet to be firmed up.


5. The approval of the Government was further accorded to incur expenditure amounting to Rs.635 crore to set-up the ICPs, inclusive of Rs. 57 crore for expenditure on acquisition of land for ICPs other than at Attari/Wagah, Raxaul, Moreh and Petrapole whose project cost was approved as given in the Table above.


Facilities provided by the ICPs:


6. The ICPs are envisaged to provide all the facilities required for discharge of sovereign and non-sovereign functions to enable smooth cross-border movement of individuals, vehicles and goods under an integrated complex. These would facilitate the processes of immigration, customs, security, quarantine, etc. To enable this, the infrastructural facilities to be provided by the ICPs are:-


  • Passenger terminal building      
  • Currency exchange
  • Internet                                
  • Cargo process building
  • Cargo inspection sheds              
  • Warehouse/Cold storage
  • Quarantine laboratory               
  • Clearing agents Banks
  • Scanners DFMD/HHMD               
  • CCTV/PA System
  • Isolation Bay                                   
  • Parking
  • Cafeteria                                         
  • Other public utilities

7.  Progress So Far (December, 2011)


  • Moreh (Manipur) - The project cost of ICP Moreh is Rs. 136 crore including cost of land, construction, scanners and other miscellaneous expenditure. Acquisition of 38.34 acres of land for Moreh ICP is complete and possession has been taken over by the Assam Rifles on behalf of the MHA. Compensation amount of Rs. 21.47 crore has already been paid to the landowners. DPR has been approved. DER at Moreh has been approved by ESC in its 28th meeting held on 19-10-2011. Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report in respect of Moreh ICP has commenced by M/s RITES. NIT has been issued.
  • Akhaura (Tripura) – The project cost of ICP at Akhaura is Rs. 73.50 crore, excluding the land cost. Land to the extent of 8.49 acres has already been acquired. Compensation amount of Rs. 1,55,36,200 has already been paid to the landowners. Hon’ble Home Minister unveiled the foundation stone on 17th May, 2011. DPR has been approved. The Detailed Engineering Report for the ICP at Akhaura was considered by the ESC in its meeting held on 25th June, 2010. It was decided to refer it to a sub-committee, which would examine the report and submit its report to the Secretary (BM) for a decision on whether to issue the Notice Inviting Tender for this ICP. The sub-committee met on 6th July, 2010 and its report was submitted. The ESC approved the report and the DER recommended by the sub-Committee in its meeting on 6.8.2010. The Project cost, excluding the land cost, as per the DER, has been approved for Rs. 73.50 crores. The Notice Inviting Tender had been issued on 19th August, 2010 and was opened on 30th September, 2010. The Technical evaluation & Financial evaluation of the bid has been approved by the ESC. The work has been awarded to the contractor. Environmental clearance is not required in this case, as has been intimated by the Tripura State Pollution Control Board.
  • Dawki (Meghalaya) - The project cost of the Dawki ICP was tentatively projected at Rs. 50 crores. However, after the actual cost would be known after the approval of the Detailed Engineering Report. The State Government of Meghalaya has transferred the physical possession of the land measuring around 7.8 acres to the BSF in the month of April, 2010. This land had been acquired by the Ministry of Commerce to develop the existing LCS, before the ICP scheme had been approved. Hence, no compensation was paid out of the ICP funds. DPR has been approved. The Detailed Engineering Report for the ICP at Dawki was discussed in the the 28th meeting of ESC held on 19th October, 2011. It is under finalization.Secretary (BM) visited the proposed site of ICP at Dawki on 8.12.2011.He decided that additional 1.07 hectares of land need not be acquired at present. He asked Project Management Consultant to carry out physical survey on the ground and assess the requirement of additional land needed, to be acquired, to provide to and fro sanitized movement of traffic from ICP Dawki so that the Detail Engineering Report (DER) can be approved in the next Empowered Steering Committee (ESC) meeting.
  • Sutarkhandi (Assam) - The project cost of the Sutarkhandi ICP was tentatively projected at Rs. 16 crores. However, the actual cost would be known only after the finalization of the Detailed Engineering Report. The State Govt. has been requested to identify the land for this purpose and their response is still awaited. Meanwhile, M/s RITES has been requested to pay site visit and discuss with the State Government Officials. Visits by the officials of the Dept. of Border Management are also proposed.
  • Kawarpuchiah (Mizoram) – The project cost of the Kawarpuchiah ICP was tentatively projected at Rs. 27 crores. However, the actual cost would be known only after the finalization of the Detailed Engineering Report. The State Government of Mizoram had been requested to identify a suitable piece of land for setting up the ICP at Kawrpuichhuah. They have identified a piece of land and suggested that it may be taken over by the MHA for setting up the ICP. This land is situated along a riverine border with Bangladesh, with no connectivity at present with Bangladesh. A bridge would need to be built across the river to connect the two countries. However, since no land border with Bangladesh in Kawarpuchiah exists, it has been decided that an inter-ministerial visit by an official of MHA, representatives of M/s RITES, MEA, Customs, the BSF, the CPWD etc. to assess the suitability of land and to work out the issues of connectivity, security, enhancement of formal trade etc. would be undertaken.
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