BI-Lateral Projects with Bangladesh & Indian Projects

to Promote Connectivity & Trade with NER


(as in June, 2012. These projects are at different levels beginning from conceptual to DPR preparation)



  1. Inland Container Port at Ashuganj, Bangladesh – Inclusion of Ashuganj as a port of call in the Indo-Bangladesh Inland Water Transit and Trade Protocol was bilaterally agreed between India and Bangladesh during the visit of Prime Minister of Bangladesh to India in January, 2010.   Under the Protocol, inland vessels of one country can transit through the specified routes of the other country.
    MEA and Inland Waterways Authority of India are preparing terms of reference for conducting a feasibility study on the development of Ashuganj port. Cost for feasibility study will be borne by MEA under Aid to Bangladesh Fund.
  2. Widening of Ashuganj-Akhaura Road in Bangladesh (will provide connectivity to Tripura) – Under DPR preparation stage. Implementing agency – MEA & NHAI.
  3. Akhaura-Agartala Rail Link – Draft MoU on the project is being discussed with Bangladesh.   A Detailed Engineering Report had been finalised by Ministry of Railways. The project implementation will be coordinated by Ministry of Railways. The cost of the project on the Bangladesh side is to be funded by the MEA and by the DONER in respect of India.
  4. Inclusion of additional routes in IWTT Protocol – IWAI has proposed inclusion of additional sections (from Rajshahi to Aricha and from Titas-Meghna junction to Akhaura) in the IWTT Protocol.  MEA, in consultation with IWAI and Ministry of Water Resources, will examine the merits of proposing inclusion of these routes in the IWTT protocol.
  5. Bridge over river Feni (at Sabroom, Tripura) - In the Indo-Bangladesh Joint Communique of January, 2010, it had been decided to develop Sabroom-Ramgarh LCS on Indo-Bangladesh border in Tripura.  Sabroom is the existing LCS. To operationalize the two LCSs, a bridge over river Feni which forms the border between India and Bangladesh in that area has to be constructed.  Government of Tripura will fund the bridge with assistance from ASIDE Scheme of Department of Commerce, Government of India.
  6. Upgradation of infrastructure at Sutarkandi LCS to Integrated Check Post (Assam) – Assam Government has identified 7 acres for the infrastructure work. Team from MHA is expected to visit.
  7. Border Haats  at Balat & Kalaichar on the Meghalaya border – Presently functioning.
  8. Setting up of Integrated Check Post at Dawki (Dawki-Tamabil), Meghalaya by Department of Border Management, Government of India.
  9. Upgrading infrastructure of Land Custom Stations at Dalu, Borsora, Ghasuapara by Government of Meghalaya with funding from ASIDE scheme of Department of Commerce.
  10. ICP at Kawarpuchchiah/Demagiri-Thegamukh LCS, Mizoram.
  11. Use of Chittagong and Mongla ports in Bangladesh for Indian cargo – Draft modalities are being discussed bilaterally. 
  12. Development of Integrated Check Post at Akhaura (near Agartala), Tripura - The project cost of ICP at Akhaura is Rs. 73.50 crore, excluding the land cost. Land to the extent of 8.49 acres has already been acquired. Compensation amount of Rs. 1,55,36,200 has already been paid to the landowners. Hon’ble Home Minister unveiled the foundation stone on 17th May, 2011. DPR has been approved. The Detailed Engineering Report for the ICP at Akhaura was considered by the ESC in its meeting held on 25th June, 2010. It was decided to refer it to a sub-committee, which would examine the report and submit its report to the Secretary (BM) for a decision on whether to issue the Notice Inviting Tender for this ICP. The sub-committee met on 6th July, 2010 and its report was submitted. The ESC approved the report and the DER recommended by the sub-Committee in its meeting on 6.8.2010. The Project cost, excluding the land cost, as per the DER, has been approved for Rs. 73.50 crores. The Notice Inviting Tender had been issued on 19th August, 2010 and was opened on 30th  September, 2010. The Technical evaluation & Financial evaluation of the bid has been approved by the ESC. The work has been awarded to the contractor. Environmental clearance is not required in this case, as has been intimated by the Tripura State Pollution Control Board.
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