BI-Lateral Projects with Myanmar & Indian Projects

to Promote Connectivity & Trade with NER


(as in June, 2012. These projects are at different levels beginning from conceptual to DPR preparation)
  1. Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project  - Please see section Inland Waterways under ‘Infrastructure’ column of this site.
  2. Status of Land Custom Stations at Zorinpui, Mizoram – Zorinpui, District Lawngtlai is the place selected for a new Land Custom Station on the Indo-Myanmar border at Mizoram for the Kaladan Multi-Modal Project. The location is very remote. Zorinpui is situated on the border line and is 287 km away from Sittwe Port in Myanmar. Construction of road between Kaletwa – Paletwa (129 km) and development of Inland Water Transport between Kaletwa-Paletwa and Sittwe Port (158 km) have to be undertaken for commercial utilisation of LCS at Zorinpui when established.


    An Inter-Ministerial Team & officials from Myanmar visited the location in April, 2012. Government of Mizoram will develop the Land Custom Station. Inter-Ministerial Team headed by Foreign Secretary visited Zorinpui on Indo-Myanmar border in April, 2012.  Officials from Government of Myanmar were also present. An agreement on Zorinpui has been included in the Joint Statement for during the visit of Hon’ble Prime Minister to Myanmar in May, 2012. Funds from ASIDE Scheme of Department of Commerce will be available for Mizoram Government for development of facilities in Zorinpui.
  3. Repairs/upgradation of 71 bridges on Tamu-Kalewa-Kalemyo Friendship Road in Myanmar – The Tamu-Kalewa-Kalemyo Friendship road beginning from across the border at Moreh has been built by India through BRO.  The road has been handed over to the Myanmar authorities.  However, there are 71 weak bridges which will not be repaired by Government of India through BRO. It is part of the Trilateral Highway.
  4. Trilateral Highway for connectivity from Moreh to India to Mae Sot in Thailand via Myanmar – revival of Joint Task Force. The two leaders have agreed that efforts would be made to establish seamless trilateral connectivity by 2016 - Tri-lateral highway shall ensure connectivity from Moreh in India to Mae Sot in Thailand via Myanmar.  Substantial progress had been achieved in preparation of DPR for roads and causeways in Myanmar.
    Two routes are under consideration, one through Mandalay and another not through Mandalay.  Myanmar has requested route through Mandalay to be accepted by India. As Imphal-Mandalay bus service will start, it is desirable that Tri-lateral Highway route passes through Mandalay which is an important commercial city.  The two routes are:
    • Moreh (India) – Tamu-Kalewa-Chaungma-Yinmabin-Pale-Kyadet-Lingadaw-Pakokku-Bagan-Kyaukpadaung-Meiktila bypass-Taungoo-Oktwin-Payagyi-Theinzayat-Thaton-Hpaan Kawareik-Myawaddy-Mae Sot (Thailand) (not through Mandalay)
    • Moreh (India) –Tamu-Kalewa-Yagyi-Chaungma-Monywa-Mandalay-Meiktila bypass-Taungoo-Oktwin-Payagyi-Theinzayat-Thaton-Hpaan Kawkareik-Myawaddy-Mae Sot (through Mandalay)

    Stretch between Kalewa-Yagyi-Chaungma-Monywa is not well developed. A tabulated position of the Trilateral Highway (Mandalay alignment) from available information after discussion with MEA officials and note circulated by ASEAN Multilateral Division is given below:


    Sl.No. Stretch Remarks
    1. Tamu-Kalewa Part of the Friendship Road. Good condition.
    2. Kalewa-Yagyi Myanmar wants India to construct the Kalewa-Yagyi stretch.
    3. Yagyi-Chaungma-Monywa India wants Myanmar to construct the Yagyi-Chaungma-Monywa stretch. It is understood that section Yagyi-Chaungma-Monywa is under construction on BOT basis.
    4. Monywa-Mandalay Monywa-Mandalay stretch is already developed.
    5. Mandalay-Meiktila bypass MEA to tell status.
    6. Meiktila bypass-Taungoo-Oktwin-Payagyi The section between Meiktila and Payagyi is part of the Yangon-Mandalay highway that has been constructed.
    7. Payagyi-Theinzayat-Thaton MEA to tell status.
    8. Thaton-Mawlamyine-Kawkareik  It is understood that for the Thaton-Mawlamyine - Kawkareik  sector,  the Government of Myanmar has apparently sought a loan from ADB.
    9. Kawkareik-Myawaddy It appears that the Myanmar Government shall be completing the road construction between Myawaddy-Kawkareik out of its own resources soon.
    10. Myawaddy-Mae Sot MEA to tell status.

    It is expected that agreement between India and Myanmar on this issue will be arrived soon.  There is, presently, no expected completion date now for this project.
  5. Upgradation of Kalewa-Yargyi Road Segment – Assistance to Myanmar -  This stretch in Myanmar is part of the proposed Tri-lateral Highway.  Myanmar has requested India to build it.
  6. Rhi-Tiddim Road in Myanmar (Zokhawthar – Rih to Kalemyo via Tiddim) – The present road connecting Zokhawthar LCS from Myanmar side is a more kutcha road from Kalemyo via Tiddim which could be plied only on dry season. Stretch of 4-5 Kms between Indian border at Zawkhathar and Rhi town in Mayanmar needs upgradation and is essential for seamless connectivity from Zawkhathar to Rhi and onwards. Rhi-Tidim road will connect to Monywa and onwards to Mandalay.  In effect, it will provide connection between Zawkhathar in Mizoram and Mandalay.


    During the visit of the Chairman, State Peace and Development Council of Myanmar to India in July, 2010, it was decided that the construction and revamping of the Rhi-Tiddim road in Myanmar will be financed through grant assistance of US$ 60 million from India. The present road is in a poor condition. With Indian assistance, it will be made into a single lane road. This road will promote trade and travel links between Myanmar and Mizoram and help in optimizing the investment made in the Zawkhathar LCS. The Rhi-Tidim Road in Myanmar is essential to get value out of the investment already made for developing LCS facilities at Zawkhathar.


    IRCON has prepared the estimate of the 80 km Rhi-Tidim road at Rs.298 crore. MEA has obtained the approval of the Committee of Non-Plan Expenditure (CNE). The construction will be completed within three years of the requisite approvals. India has agreed for implementation of Rhi-Tiddim Road Development Project  in Myanmar with grant assistance to that country and  MEA has sought technical assistance from MORTH for the road.
  7. Asian Highway Network Connectivity.
  8. Bus service between Imphal and Mandalay (Myanmar) – A longstanding demand of the Government and people of Manipur is a bus service between Imphal and Mandalay.  The Manipur Assembly has also passed a Resolution to this effect.


    After visit of Inter-Ministerial Team, headed by Joint Secretary, MORTH in April, 2012 to Moreh, proposal was submitted to MEA from MORTH. The matter has also been discussed between India and Myanmar. A team from MORTH also visited Myanmar to discuss with Government of Myanmar.  MORTH has obtained the approval of the Cabinet of bilateral agreement on bus service. The issue could not be finalised during Hon’ble Prime Minister’s visit to Myanmar in May, 2012.  Bi-lateral discussions are continuing.


    Route 1

    From Imphal –Moreh- Tamu to Mandalay:  Tamu -->  Kalay--> Gangaw --> Pale --> Monywa --> Mandalay

    Route 2

    From Imphal –Moreh- Tamu to Mandalay:  Tamu -->  Kalay (Kyikone)--> Kalaywa --> Yagyi --> Monywa --> Mandalay

    Route 3

    From Imphal –Moreh- Tamu to Mandalay:  Tamu -->  Kalay--> Gangaw --> Pakokku --> Bagan (Nyaungu) --> Kyaukpadaung --> Meiktila --> Mandalay


    Road Length 510 miles /821 km (The route can be used in all seasons)

  9. Development of Integrated Check Post at Moreh (Manipur) by Department of Border Management - The project cost of ICP Moreh is Rs. 136 crore including cost of land, construction, scanners and other miscellaneous expenditure. Acquisition of 38.34 acres of land for Moreh ICP is complete and possession has been taken over by the Assam Rifles on behalf of the MHA. Compensation amount of Rs. 21.47 crore has already been paid to the landowners. DPR has been approved. DER at Moreh has been approved by ESC in its 28th meeting held on 19-10-2011. Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report in respect of Moreh ICP has commenced by M/s RITES. NIT has been issued.
  10. Border Haat at Pangsau Pass, Arunachal Pradesh – This location has been mutually agreed upon between India and Myanmar to open the first Border Haat on the Indo-Myanmar border as per the Joint Statement following the visit of Hon’ble Prime Minister to Myanmar in May, 2004.
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