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Annual Plan 2012-13 (Rs.342.36 crore)&


Twelfth Plan (2012-17) (Rs.3419.70 crore)



Annual & Twelfth Plan
Project 12-13 (AP) 13-14 (AP) 14-15 (AP) 15-16 (AP) 16-17 (AP) 12th Plan
1. Strengthening of Transmission & Distribution System in Arunachal Pradesh 108.62 348.99 628.09 581.32 193.61 1860.63
2. Strengthening of Transmission & Distribution System in Sikkim 82.74 239.42 412.38 337.12 81.41 1153.07
The Ministry of Power, vide OM dated 25.10.2011 have informed that the Comprehensive scheme for NER and Sikkim was posed to the World Bank for assistance of Rs.11,500 crore. Since Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim are border States, they are excluded from World Bank Assistance. Therefore the M/o Power requested the projects in respect of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim with combined estimated cost of Rs.3013.70 crore may be funded under the NLCPR-Central. The required allocation indicated for Annual Plan 2012-13 was Rs.191.36 crore (Rs.108.62 cr + Rs.82.74 cr). The Annual Plan 2012-13 and 12th Plan 2012-17 proposals are based on the year-wise expenditure phasing submitted by M/o Power. The OM has also stated that Planning Commission was being requested for in principle approval.
3. Tuirial Hydro Electric Power, Mizoram 100.00 100.00 100.00     300.00
The project is under implementation of NEEPCO, Ministry of Power. The CCEA has approved the revival plan of the project at a cost of Rs.913.63 crore on 30.12.2010 with Rs.300 crore to be contributed as grant by M/o DoNER. The approved investment phasing indicates annual contribution of Rs.100 crore by DoNER from 2010-11 to 2012-13. Had the progress of implementation went as scheduled then, we may have to provide the entire amount of Rs.300 crore in 2012-13. However, the draft Annual Plan 2012-13 proposal of NEEPCO reported that the pace of progress was not gaining momentum due to bad road condition and heavy monsoon rain. Hence work of diversion tunnel made slow progress and works of Dam to be started only after completion of diversion tunnel. In view of this, the contribution of DoNER may be started from 2012-13 (AP) to 2014-15 (AP) at the rate of Rs.100 crore every year.
4. Agartala-Akhaura Rail Link, Tripura 50.00 55.00       105
The project is being implemented by M/o Railway. Out of the total cost of Rs.252 crore, MEA will fund the Bangladesh portion of Rs.146.36 crore and the Indian/Tripura portion of Rs.105 crore will be funded by from NLCPR-Central. We have already indicated, tentatively, Rs.100 crore for 2012-13 (AP) which appears to be on the higher side given the fact that the cost we are funding is only Rs. 105 crore. Therefore it is proposed that the outlay for 2012-13 may be reduced to Rs.50 crore and the remaining amount kept for 2013-14 (AP).
5. Construction of Slipway at Pandu (Guwahati) 0.50         0.50
6. Road connectivity to IWT terminals along NW-2 to nearest National Highway 0.50         0.50
Inland Waterways Authority of India, M/o Shipping have proposed two projects viz., (i) Construction of Slipway at Pandu (Guwahati) (ii) Road connectivity to IWT terminals along NW-2 to nearest National Highway to be funded from the scheme. The DPRs are not yet prepared and therefore cost estimates and modalities for execution have not been firmed up. They have proposed budgetary provision of Rs.20 crore and Rs.10 crore respectively for 2012-13. In view of the status, we may propose only token provision for 2012-13, but realistic provisioning for the 12th Plan will be possible only after the cost estimates are prepared.
  Total 342.36 743.41 1140.47 918.44 275.02 3419.70
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