Capital Itanagar
Population (Census 2011) 13,82,611
Area 83743 sq. km
Districts 25
Official Language English
Other Languages/Dialects The number and diversity of languages/dialects spoken in Arunachal Pradesh are not conclusively known. 30, possibly 50, distinct languages/dialects in addition to innumerable dialects and sub-dialects coinciding with tribal areas are in use. Some of them are Nyishi, Dafla, Miji, Adi, Gallong, Wancho, Tagin, Hill Miri, Mishui, Mohpa, Nocte, Aka, Tangsa, Khamti. Vast majority of them belong to the Tibeto - Burman language family. Hindi is making constant inroads. Nagamese is fairly widely used as a link language in some areas.
Forest Cover India State of Forest Report 2017 (Size: 1.2 MB)
Seats in Legislative Assembly 60
Seats in Lok Sabha 2 (1 Arunachal West, 2 Arunachal East)
Seats in Rajya Sabha 1
Governor Dr. B. D. Mishra
Chief Minister Pema Khandu
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