Special Package for Karbi Anglong Autonomous Territorial Council (KAATC), Assam
  • A Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) was signed between Government of India, Government of Assam and United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS) on 25.11.2011 in the presence of Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam.
  • As per the MoS, Government of India agreed to provide a Special Economic Package of Rs. 350 crore (Rs. 70 crore per annum) over and above Plan fund over next five years to KAATC through Government of Assam to undertake special projects proposed by the Council.  
  • So far, 32 projects at an approved cost of Rs.282.79 crore have been retained. 11 projects costing Rs.82.36 crore were sanctioned against which an amount of Rs.43.75 crore were released.  

Memorandum of Settlement